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I just want to say a huge thank you to you and your team for helping me get out of the mess we felt we were in, after moving last week. Thank you so much for coming to our house, only an hour and half after I called you! Amazingly short notice. I think you heard the desperation in my voice!

The removal company had sent 3 men to upack for us and frankly they had no idea what to do with my kitchen things or our clothes.  They made the whole process more stressful than it already was, constantly asking me where to put everything or putting them in strange places. Once I realised they were creating more work for me, I knew I needed to get some proper female help!! My mum doesn’t live here but what I needed was mum and auntie on hand!! I was in tears in the bathroom hiding from the removal guys..feeling overwhelmed!! Then I called Mooving Matters. By the time you left I felt relieved, relaxed and ‘at home’. 

We found Mooving matters not a moment too soon. You asked all the relevent questions when I called and again when you saw our space,  to make sure you put things away as we needed. Once that was done you took control and got on with the job at hand, no questions! You knew what needed doing, leaving us to have an early dinner out with the kids and relax for the first time since the move. 

My wardrobe and kitchen has never looked so organised, decluttered and tidy! You have inspired me to keep things like this, simplify and reduce what we keep.

As we are renting we know there will be another move at some point. This time I won’t be booking any removalists or packers/unpackers without calling you first to be part of our moving team!”

Kind regards, Melissa Woollcott (and David Woollcott – CEO Winning Appliances), Coogee

 movers that pack for you

“I’m a pretty hands on guy and like to fix everything myself, but as a business owner I had realised that moving during the week, running a business and unpacking a house was not feasible. I’m house proud so wanted it perfect straight away, Anne Maree took charge of the mess we’d created In the move, re-organised rooms and turned chaos into order, in future I’ll always leave it to the experts.”

                                                                                                      Don Legge, Rose Bay

 movers that pack for you

“I would highly recommend Mooving Matters. We had a very big 5 bedroom house move and it was completely overwhelming. I feel very fortunate that we had found Anne-Marie and her team. Their work saved my sanity! They did a great job in packing and unpacking and also re organising my home. It was a very smooth and streamlined process making it so much less stress with 2 small children and my own business to manage. I can’t thank Anne- Marie and her team enough and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking at moving house or just needs their house organised.”

                                                                                                          M. Finlayson, Seaforth

 movers that pack for you


“We found Anne Maree part way through our last move which turned into a bigger job than we could handle. 
She rescued us with her professional and stylish service. So the next time we moved we decided to leave it ALL in her hands and do the ‘ultimate moove package’. 
We had a meeting with her to arrange all the details of the move. We left for a trip to bali feeling confident and trusting our belongings were in her good hands.

Anne Maree’s service is professional and streamlined, we only had to
answer a few questions on move day and she even took our dog home with her for the night when our dogsitter fell through. 
Annemaree and her team managed the entirety of moving from house to house including the removalist   …all the way to setting up our home including our artwork being hung!
The personal touches like dropping off our washing and arranging the kitchen and clothes with care was above my expectations.

I trust Anne Maree and her team explicitly and I would highly recommend the ‘ultimate Moove package ‘ – it takes the stress and strain out of moving and you can come home to your new house confident that it’s been put together as well as you would do yourself (or better)!”

 Kind Regards,   Sarah Taylor , Marketing Manager, Bronte

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