Save your back with proper moving lifting techniques

When you hire the services of a professional moving service such as Moving Matters, your packing, unpacking and moving specialists, you don’t have to worry about using proper lifting techniques. Proficient and able movers realise how to utilise the correct strategies to evade and avoid injury and to take care of the job at hand at a fast and efficient pace. Here’s a summary of the critical proper lifting methods when moving heavy objects without hurting one’s self or causing any damage to the residence during a move.

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Have A Plan and safety In Mind First

Assembling a plan should be first and foremost on the list of things you need to do prior to packing and moving. An arrangement of some sort for moving is imperative to the accomplishment of the move. Prior to anything being lifted and moved into the truck on moving day, it’s critical to have a plan. Proficient movers do this each and every day and they generally set aside the effort to have an arrangement before they lift one single thing. So try and sort out a plan of some sort, as this can help save time and effort in the end.

If you intend to move items you need to ensure the following safety measures are in place before hand:

  • Keep exit paths clear. Make sure no trim hazards are present along corridors, and random items can seriously jeopardize your safety and the safety of others involved in the move. The paths outside your home should also be free of any debris, excessive dust, water, mud, etc.
  • Wear appropriate footwear. Wear appropriate and comfortable shoes – ones that will give you the best protection possible. Enclosed toe shoes with rubber soles that offer good traction and flexibility such as joggers or sneakers.
  • Ask friends for help. Lifting heavy furniture and packed boxes is not something you should do on your own as it can be a rather dangerous task. Ask good friends or family with no health or physical aliments to give you a hand when you need it the most. If your friends cannot come to the rescue, you must consider hiring professional movers to avoid unnecessary pain and injury in the near future.

It May Be A Good Idea To Stretch First

It’s almost critical you try and stretch before and prior to lifting. If you somehow happened to go to the gym often, you’d probably stretch as a piece of your warm up before you start your full exercise. Lifting is similar as an exercise and first goes a long way to preventing injury. Stretching is definitely worth the extra effort in partaking, and a good idea to make sure you don’t get injured.

What Exactly Will You Be Lifting During The Move?

Mooving Matters are extremely experienced in lifting items. Generally we will not move something without first knowing what we are lifting. It’s a good idea to first have an idea of what you are lifting. How heavy will it be? Will you be able to move it through the door? How will you get it through the door?

For example, even when we move boxes. Generally we will know first whats inside the box before we attempt to lift it. The contents of the box are important, and how fragile or heavy the items may be. These all play a part in the decision making process before we attempt to move an item.

The Importance Of Using the Proper Stance

Moving anything substantial requires the correct position prior to lifting. An athletic stance with your feet at shoulder-width length separated is ideal. One foot ought to be slightly further forward than the other, too. If you incorporate these suggestions, it should help a great deal in moving items.

Prevent Back Injury By Bending with Your Knees

The quickest method to become injured while lifting items is to lift with your back. This would be termed by professional movers as an unacceptable lifting procedure. Proficient movers will bend and twist at the knees to ensure their back is safe and does not get injured. Furthermore, they will keep their back straight, shoulders back, chest out, and keep your eyes fixated ahead while they are lifting and moving hefty and heavy items. Your back is something you want to look after in the long term, as injury to the lower back can be very expensive and painful.

Have a firm grip

Make sure you have a good grip on the heavy object before attempting to lift it. Wearing good quality work gloves will improve the grip significantly and at the same time protect your fingers and hands. Whenever available, use handles to reduce the risks of any accidents.

Carry items close to your body

While moving heavy boxes, for always try to keep them close to your waist line– as it is relatively centred in relation to your body. This is the best way to maintain your stability as the weight will stay close to your centre of gravity. It’s also a good technique to keep your elbows tucked in and your eyes looking forward at all times.

Move your feet, do not twist

No twisting and shouting necessary here! It’s very important not bend or twist your back when lifting and carrying heavy objects whilst moving. Rather than turning with your hips at the waist, try to move your feet to turn together with the load.

Move slowly and smoothly

Avoid doing any sudden and jerking movements that may place a great amount of pressure on a certain part of the body. Always take slow and gentle movements allowing your muscles and soft tissues in your body to have the time to process and adapt. Also, make sure your footing is as secure as it can be, taking only small and careful steps – one at a time.

Keep the load below waist level

Try to lift heavy items up to your waist. Never lift heavy things over your head, as you will put extra strain on your arm and back muscles. Weight distribution in such cases is critical, if the load you’re trying to lift over your head turns out to be more than you can handle safely and its weight is not distributed evenly, you could easily become injured.

Push rather than pull

If you’re using mechanical aid as a furniture dolly or placed sliders under the legs of super heavy furniture pieces, then be mindful that it’s safer to push heavy objects forward than to pull them backward. By doing so you’ll not only need less force to keep heavy items moving, but you’ll also be able to see what’s going on in front of you.

Don’t Be In A Rush

It is of the uttermost importance to remember before moving heavy objects that you’re not trying to speed up the process. Your goal is to prevent personal injury, especially back injury. While proficient movers need to take care of business on schedule and get the job done fast, they will not be in a rush while lifting and moving things into the truck or out of the truck. All things being equal, they will set aside the appropriate measure of effort to move everything securely without injury to themselves or hurting your valuable belongings. Allocating the proper amount of time, whilst still maintaining a proficient speed is of the utmost importance to us here at Mooving Matters. And we value your belongings and ensure nothing gets damaged. Maintaining the integrity of the customer’s possessions is always at the forefront of our service.

Likewise, proficient movers gradually lift with their legs as they keep their backs straight during the interaction. By lifting gradually, movers can assist with preventing injury, which could also lead to damaging your things, which we seek at all costs not to do.

Step By Step To Communicate

At the point when you enlist proficient movers for your private move, you will see they make little strides and small steps while moving substantial things. Communication is key to the process, and they will likewise speak with one another to guarantee things are moved appropriately without injury. It’s particularly critical to convey when two individuals are moving a bigger item together.

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Moving can be perilous. Without the appropriate lifting methods, attempting to move large items on your own could prompt and lead to injury. At the very least you will end up extremely exhausted and probably conclude doing that yourself was absolutely not worth it all. There are no motivating factors to risk it and put it to chance. Recruit and hire an expert moving company to do all the heavy lifting for you, and leave them to do all the planning for you. Take the hassle and stress out of it, it’s money well spent. In the end, you’ll guarantee every one of your cherished possession are lifted and moved with the appropriate and correct methods.

At Mooving matters we can keep your move stress free and provide you a custom quote and recommendations for all various sized full service moves, including packing and unpacking services in Sydney. Just give us a call and we can organise a obligation free quote and advice. Contact us now on 02 93375333 or email us at

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