Selecting The Right Moving Boxes For Your Move

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When a move is approaching there are many preparation activities you need to do and a list of choices you need to make. In any case, when selecting the correct boxes for the job, it doesn’t need to be one of the difficult ones. Let us walk you through some moving box alternatives and important aspects to consider. In this blog post we will give recommendations regarding sizes and quality and also padding/packing materials to enable you to choose what you’ll require to get the pack done right. To summarise Mooving Matters will help you;

  1. Select the right box for its contents – shape, size, weight & fragility
  2. Ensure the box is the right strength and is of quality construction
  3. Purchase the right number of boxes for the size of the job at hand
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There are so many boxes of all shape and sizes to select from, so let’s review the basic types and dimensions…

Standard Moving Box Sizes

Moving boxes are an essential to any successful move. They take a lot of stress and impact when continually lifted, pulled and stacked are intended to protect your belongings until they reach their intended destination or new home. The ideal box size relies upon the shape, measurement and weight of the various objects to be packed and moved. Below is a summary of some standard sizes of moving boxes:

Small (25 – 40L); Small boxes usually are sized 41 x 31 x 31cms. These boxes are the best for packing such items like small electronics, books, CDs and DVDs.

Medium (50 – 70L); Medium boxes measure around 44 x 40 x 30cms, these are incredibly good for things like towels, DVDs and various home decor items.

Large Tea chest box (100 – 110L); Large boxes measure approximately 51 x 51 x 38cms. They hold bigger things like kitchen gadgets, curtains, bedding to cushions.

Extra-large — On the biggest size are the 62 x 47 x 45cm boxes. They hold those cumbersome but, lighter homewares like quilts, pillows and gym equipment

Alternative specialised packing box options

Even though most things in your home can find a way into a standard moving box, there are more specific box types available to address all your packing concerns and objects:

Port a robe carton — These are intended for hanging garments, these include a pole over the top for that purpose. Shoes, belts and totes can fit in the cartons base. They hold the garments that would fill approximately 60cm of lineal wardrobe space.

Kitchen boxes — These accompany compartments that can be modified to hold drinking glasses, dishes and China. When packing firstly wrap up items in bubble wrap or pressing paper, and utilize the box inserts to reduce the chances of breakages.

Picture boxes — These are intended to safely pack and carry works of art and mirrors during a move. They come in medium and quiet big sizes and are assembled in two sections with the goal that you can modify them to be fit for purpose or any sized panel or pane.

TV boxes — These are intended for protecting your plasma or LED screen. They are made of different pieces, so you can make the correct size to accommodate your TV.  

Lamp boxes — They’re intended to ensure long or differently shaped table or floor lamps These boxes can come up to 120cm high.

Office record boxes — These boxes are made to guard your significant files and documents. These cartons are twofold walled to deal with hefty records and very easy to put together, stack and keep after a move.

Other specialised boxes that are available are wine bottle boxes, bike cartons, golf cartons, and audio boxes.

moving boxes Sydney

Free or Hired or Bought Moving Boxes?

Yes, you can try and score free boxes from gumtree (2nd hand) or discarded product boxes in places like the supermarket or bunnings hardware store to save money, however these can be more of hassle then a convenience.

We opt for all our clients to utilise where possible new boxes than reused ones. When using used boxes it is hard to get the consistent size and quantity you specifically need. Also the boxes durability will have been significantly diminished and could break very easily even with loads of packing tape!  

Hired boxes can be expensive especially if these boxes are plastic lidded crates, you will also need to store these and organise pick up once used.

For cost saving and fit for purpose boxes, we recommend our tried and trusted good quality, recyclable box ranges. You can see our readily available Mooving Matters selection of packing supplies and moving boxes here. Just contact us for an estimate and prompt delivery or pick up of your boxes on the Lower North Shore.

Other packing essential to consider when starting a pack;

  • Markers and pens
  • Packing tapes including “fragile” tape
  • Tape dispenser gun
  • Protective coverings and drop sheets
  • Bubble wrap and packing pellets
  • Packing Papers – Tissue paper and Butchers paper
  • Labels and coloured stickers
moving boxes Sydney

At Mooving matters we can take the hassle out of your move and provide you a custom quote and recommendations for various sizes and types of boxes to suit your scale of move. We can also provide speedy delivery and pick up services for boxes on the lower north shore. Just give us a call and we can fill you in on our box and packing services. Contact us now on 02 93375333 or email us at

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