Move Management – Maintaining A Wardrobe Makeover Part 1

wardrobe stylistWant to get your wardrobe properly organised once and for all? Mooving Matters the experienced wardrobe stylists can help get your started with their one on one wardrobe makeover services Sydney. Trust us once you have experienced our decluttering service you won’t want to go back!

If your organised wardrobe over the months has lost its way again never fear! This 2 part wardrobe organisation series should give you the simple steps to get you back on track and help you maintain your beautifully organised closet! Learning how to organise and manage your wardrobe makeover can save you tremendous amounts of time and money on a daily basis, so don’t delay it anymore!

Now let’s ASSESS the situation!

Step One – Identify the Reason/s for Re-organising your wardrobe

Does any of these sounds familiar on a daily basis?

“I just don’t have anything to wear!?”

“Where the hell is my…?”

“Ughh it’s in the wash or needs to be ironed!”

I’m sure frustratingly one or two of the above reasons are bound to resonate with you – and  why you want to get your closet space more organised quickly…. Now that you know why you want to get your wardrobe organised, keep this as your motivator and focus!

Step Two – Clear it out

wardrobe organisationAll good Wardrobe Stylists recommend to remove everything as it is the only real way to see everything clearly.. Its only then you will be able to see exactly what clothes, shoes and accessories you have already and also what space is left for storing these clothes once they are returned back to the wardrobe. Going through items one at a time will take you much longer.

A trick that is helpful during this initial step of the wardrobe organisation process is to have a large flat surface to be able to layout your the clothes on – basically a bed, or even a table can be set up close by. Trust us this will make it less hard work and stress on your back than having to bend over to grab things off the floor constantly.

Step Three – Now what Space are we left with?

If you are lucky enough to have plenty of space, then it shouldn’t be a problem to return all of your clothes back in your wardrobe however in an organised manner. But you may have to think about storing some items elsewhere or doing another clothing cull.

Once you know what space you have left to play with, you can make the important decisions about how best to organise your wardrobe, and what techniques would work for you day in day out.

If you have run out of wardrobe space the last thing you want to do is simply move the problem out of the wardrobe and somewhere else in your Bedroom or home!  The key is to only mark out places that you would be able easily to store items such seasonal or special event clothing.

Hopefully now you should be drawing closer to what you would like to go where, how accessible certain items need to be within the space you have be it hanging, shelves or drawer spaces.

Step Four – Sort it out

wardrobe makeoverSimply pick up each item of clothing and make a decision about its future there and then – Wardrobe stylists believe now is not the time for procrastination as this is the step that could overwhelm you and throw you off achieving your ultimate wardrobe makeover!

The 8 piles trick is the best way to sort it all out relatively quickly… Having some post notes or signage for each pile type will ensure no mix ups and resorting…


  1. KEEP PILE 1 – FREQUENT USE– Items that still fit you, that coordinate with other items, items that you wear often – basically garmets you have worn in the last 3 months
  2. KEEP PILE 2 – INFREQUENT USE – Special occasion items such as evening wear, your wedding dress, and or maternity wear.
  3. KEEP PILE 3 – OUT OF SEASON – whatever is not worn in the season you are currently in
  4. KEEP PILE 4 – TO ACTION – items that require cleaning, mending etc… – These items need to be tended to as soon as possible or they will be forgotten and create clutter! – Truth is you won’t wear them until these items are fixed or done so dont delay as they are of no use or value at present…
  5. LOSE PILE 1 – CHARITY– Items in good condition that you don’t wear anymore
  6. LOSE PILE 2 – GIVEAWAY– either to friends, Freecycle, supermarket recycling bins etc..
  7. LOOSE PILE 3 – SELL – on Ebay or gumtree for example, branded relatively new or classic pieces that people will want are the best to sell online.
  8. LOSE PILE 4 – RUBBISH– Only genuine garments that no one will be able to reuse goes in this pile.

Remember the Wardrobe stylist’s GOLDEN RULE:



Now it’s time for the DECLUTTER dance!

Step Five – Piles no more!

Once you wardrobe contents has been categorised it’s now time to start to take on each pile by some instances removing them from the situation as soon as possible.

For now Ignore the first 3 categories, the KEEP PILES 1- 3 for the time being, as these are items that you want to keep and that don’t need significant action – they are all clothes and items that you will need to put back but organised later on.

Lets tackle each of the categories in turn:-

Lose Pile 1 – CHARITY

Get some large garbage bags and place in them all the items you wish to donate. Sometimes if you are finding it hard to say goodbye to your clothes it can help to donate them to a charity that’s close to your heart.

So your house doesn’t turn into a tip you will need to work out when you will be going to that charity shop in the near future, if you can do it right now, or make a note in your diary to take these bags when you are free in the next week or so. Place the bags somewhere out of the way and or where you will see and remember them for example like the boot of the car.

Lose Pile 2 – GIVEAWAY

As with the charity piles, you quickly want to work out where or who these items are going to, so make a plan to get them out of the house and into the right place or hands when you can. Otherwise give that person a call to see if they want it or to come by and check it out and collect it from you.

Lose Pile 3 – SELL

For this pile it is only really an options if you are going to have the time to organise the sale posts / ads. Remember you will also have to manage the auction and then visit the post office to send the bough items out. It can take up considerable time and energy to do this. Otherwise there are people who will do this for you however will take a cut of the sale price.

Lose Pile 4 – RUBBISH

If you have hit the button to get rid of these items completely as they are really worn or old and no one would want them then waste no time getting these to the bin or local tip.

Keep Pile 4 – TO ACTION

Is it stained, damaged and or needs mending, or it doesn’t fit and needs altering?.Once you tend to these items that need extra attention you will find your have a renewed wardrobe with lot of wearable outfits and options! When you look to drop things to charity or to your friends and family make a stop at the dry cleaners or alterations shop if you can’t do it yourself. Once the clothes have been actioned and collected they can then either be put into one of the KEEP piles, otherwise immediately placed into your newly organised wardrobe space.


If you need help to get you started to organise your wardrobe chaos, contact your wardrobe organisation experts Mooving Matters your team of trusted and caring Professional Organisers  and Wardrobe Makeovers services Sydney. To arrange a complementary on-site inspection of your property by  Mooving Matters, your home organiser Sydney or to simply discuss our Ultimate full service packing + moving’  experience call (02) 93375333 or visit us at

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