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Moving day unfortunately can be stressful event for most people. Through this transition you may not get much sleep,
with all the tasks at hand you may be more physically exhausted than usual plus you might be juggling a family household and or pets at the same time!

While moving day can be a tad full on, there are things you can do to make moving day easier and fun. Your professional home organisers and full-service movers and packers, Mooving Matters are here to share some ideas to make your moving day more fun and less stressful for all involved.

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Number One Rule When Moving House – Be Positive

The most important thing you can do any day of the week. Yes of course you and your family may be a little overwhelmed or down that you are leaving a home that you love and have shared years of memories in. However, its best to see the move as the first day of your exciting new journey. Laugh, joke, dance and sing out your emotions while you move. When you stay as upbeat as possible, you will find it will help keep your family in good spirits too.

Let The Music Play – Create A Packing And Unpacking Playlist

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Get yourself in the moving mood and make your boring task far more fun by throwing on the radio or better still creating a playlist for packing can help to keep you motivated. Best to keep the music upbeat and motivational to keep you going. It just might get you dancing as you wrap up your crockery!

An unpacking playlist is also a good idea, again it should be uptempo, however it can have a bit more of a relaxed vibe since you are completing the move process and on the home run.

Smart And Easy Packing Hacks

When you’re working on packing things up, look for any and every opportunity to make your life easier. Here are a few of my fave tips: 

1.   Code The House

Before you get packing give each room in the house its own colour and symbol — For example the kitchen is a red circle, the master bath is a blue star, the baby’s room is a yellow rectangle, etc. Mark each box and item with that room’s symbol. You can write directly on boxes with thick coloured markers.

When you get to your new home, have a copy of each symbol above the corresponding room doors. The moving team can then quickly unpack the moving truck and easily see where everything should now live.

2.   Map It Out

Professional unpackers Moving matters tackle unpacking tasks large and small, and highly recommend the idea of utilising a floor plan. You’re paying movers by the hour, and a floor plan can save you not only time but money. The floor plan just needs to be a basic sketch of each room and where the furniture goes.

Again, tape the floor plans outside each room so that the movers will know without having to ask on multiple occasions where to place the furniture in each room.

3.   Pack A Weekend Bag

Pack yourself and any independents as though you were going on a long weekend break. Fill it with the clothing and toiletries you’ll need to get through the first few days. This should include any important medications, a first aid kit, backup eyeglasses and contacts if required and of course nappies and baby essentials. This way everyone can spend the first few days in the new home without rummaging through boxes for items as clean underwear and a towel.

4.   Room Basics Box

Pack a basics box for each room in the house. So rather than put all the linens you own in a single box, fill a bedding box for each bedroom: sheets, pillows, comforters and, for those in need, bedtime toys. Bathrooms will need toilet paper, bath towels and mats, a shower curtain, soap, garbage can etc. Let the kids fill a box with the personal items that make their rooms feel like home: posters, toys, photos, books.

5.   Kitchen As Command Central

The kitchen being the heart of the home, be ready to action stations by packing a box of kitchen basics– some pots and pans, dishes and utensils, a kettle, a bin with liners, and some cleaning products

Cooking dinner on the first night in your new kitchen and house can be a big ask after a long day of moving, so why not order take-out and make it an occasion. You can also prepare treats for pre or post meal as popcorn, cookies, carrot and celery sticks, and favourite beverages will be welcomed reward during the hours of hard work.

6. Furniture As A Moving Box

If your dressers are filled up with clothes, leave the clothes in there rather than taking everything out and packing it separately. Your movers can wrap up your dresser and ensure none of the drawers move. When you get to your new place, you’ll know exactly where everything is!

7. Keep Your Hangers On

For clothes that are already on hangers in your closet, leave them on the hangers and just place a garbage bag over them for protection if you don’t have suits bags. Rather than giving that stuff to your movers, you can move the items yourself and just transfer them right into your new wardrobe.

8. Keep Smaller Boxes On Hand

Use Bankers or filing Boxes as they’re small and manageable and can stack up perfectly. If don’t have access to Bankers Boxes then just try finding with boxes that are on the smaller side.

9. Think Unpacking When Packing

When you’re packing, think about how you will be unpacking. This will make it more fun because things will be easier. For example, if you have clothing already on the hanger, pack it on the hangers. Then, when you unpack, you don’t have to spend as much time putting each piece on a hanger before hanging it in the closet.

For example pack kitchen things that are placed in drawer organisers in the organisers. Then you can simply grab the organiser and place it into your new drawer.

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Don’t Forget To Reward Yourself

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Break Your Diet

Moving day is the perfect time to break your diet. It will keep things fun and help you feel like it’s a special occasion. Choose something you would not usually eat, such as cookies, sweets or something else you really love. Eat it on your breaks to help you enjoy the day a bit more.

Bribe Yourself

During the move, set up a system of reward and bribe yourself to get the work done. For example, if you really love massages or a facial, then tell yourself that if you can get everything unpacked in the first week you arrive, you can book a appointment for a 90-minute facial for myself. This gives you something special to work towards, but you do have to hold yourself to it. With the right bribe, you can motivate yourself to work hard and get the packing, unpacking done.

Working toward this special treat can really help keep up your motivation and not lose your mojo during the process. Telling a few friends about the goal can help keep you on track and they can help push you along. Better still have a friend join at your spa appointment if you finished unpacking in time to make it more fun and enticing.

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Don’t Forget To Make Moving House Fun For The Kids

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If you’re moving with kids, it’s really important to make it fun for them, too. When it’s time to move, you want to make sure you remind them how special the occasion is. You’re making big changes in your life, even if you’re just moving up the road. Hire the right removalist company that offer packing services and make sure you take the time to plan for moving to be fun.

During The Pack…

Funny Packing Songs

Make up or find funny song for your family to sing while you packing. It could go to the tune of a famous song your kids love. Older kids can come up with their own songs.

Add Some Little Surprises

Even small kids can help pack certain things. Hide little ‘treat’ surprises for them to find while they pack, like stickers or lollies. For older kids, you can hide little notes with funny riddles or a mission that will give them a playful break.

Cardboard Creations

It’s great to put a couple of boxes aside for your kids to play with. They can use them to build a fort, which is a great way to play inside when all the toys have been packed up.

Pick up colourful markers, stickers, and other fun items to personalize a few of the boxes, such as each family member’s essentials box. It will allow them to express some creativity.

Games And Competition Time

If you are packing and moving with your family or friends, you can make things more fun by coming up with some games or competitions. For example, whoever finishes packing their room first gets to choose the restaurant for the evening. Introducing a fun challenge with lift everyone’s spirits and get them more focused on winning the game rather than getting bored with what they are doing.

Moving Day…

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Fancy Dress On Moving Day

Grab matching t-shirts, wear the same colours, get some funny hats, or even theme your clothes based on your favourite characters or superheroes on moving day. Doing something fun with your clothes will help you all take it a little less seriously.

Road Trip Music

Play your kids’ favourite music in the car on route to the new house. Bigger kids can help put together a moving-day playlist.

Road Trip Games

Simple games that can be played in the car are a great way to pass the hours on the road. I Spy, 20 Questions etc require your family’s participation otherwise games like Hangman and The License Plate Game just need a pen and a piece of paper.

Plan A Celebration Meal

At the end of moving day, its great to have a special meal and dessert planned. Reserve a table at your favourite restaurant or order take out that everyone will love. Then, you could all watch a movie or have a family game night.

Unpacking Time…

Throw An Unpacking Party

Get the whole family together to help you unpack. Order pizza or take away, get some dessert, play music, grab some games, and make a party of the unpacking.

Indoor Camping

Once removalists have left, you may not have the energy to get everybody’s bedroom set up. Create a camping ground in your new living room instead and have an indoor camping experience. Trust us the kids will love it.

Let Them Set Up Their Bedroom

Depending on their age, your kids can help unpack and set up their things in their new bedrooms. Giving their own toys in place in new space may also give them extra motivation to look after their room and keep it tidy.

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New Home, New Art

Children who like arts and crafts might love making a sign for your new home with your family name, and maybe even individual signs for every family member’s room.

Once your boxes are unpacked, cut one side of the box so that it makes a big flat canvas. Head outside if weather is fine, grab some paint and let them go for it art attack style.

If you want to have the best time during your next move.. Just take a deep breath as Mooving Matters are here! Our full services packing and unpacking can help by taking it off yours hands, letting you do more fun things with your time!

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To arrange a complementary on-site inspection of your home and any removalist, packing and unpacking or home organisation tasks, just contact Mooving Matters, your home organiser Sydney. To simply discuss our Ultimate full service packing + moving’  experience call (02)93375333 or visit us at

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