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Moving? How to use an interior design to sell your house faster

You have found the property to move into but you’ve still got to sell the old one, and the time is ticking because the longer it takes the more it costs you. Although you can partially stage a property for sale while you still live there, as soon as your removalists are out the door is a great time to maximise the impact that a home stylist can bring to the potential of your sale.

Statistics tell us that selling a property that has a furnished and styled interior reduces the time the property is on the market and can also potentially increase the sale price.

So What is Property or Presale Styling?

move managementProperty and pre sale styling is simply engaging a qualified property stylist and home organiser to prepare and style your home in a way that enables it to appeal to the largest numbers of buyers prior to putting it on the market. It is about enhancing and transforming your home both aesthetically and functionally so that the potential buyer can easily picture themselves living there and making it their future home.

At Mooving Matters, your professional organiser Sydney, we are the movers that pack for you and more. Our full service packing and moving service can also provide a stylist who will work with you on all aspects of your home to increase its appeal. Our pre-sale styling service offering will cover the following essential aspects:

– Improvement of the furniture layout to make the most of the space that you have. This involves using the right amount and type of furniture, and making sure that the rooms are linked in order to create a flow within the home and its overall design.

– The selection of the appropriate colour scheme used in accessories and when looking to repaint. Whatever palette is selected it should be one that best highlights your homes features.

–  Ensuring that the home is clean, uncluttered, and not over personalised. Basically making sure that the home does not feel like it already belongs to someone else as the goal is to make the potential buyer feel like they are already living there.

– Increase the exterior appeal of the home by tidying the landscaping and also perform and give advice on home maintenance tasks that needs doing.

movers that pack for you

What are the benefits of Property Styling?

The mafull service packing and movingin aim objective of this service is to help to sell or rent your home in the fastest possible time, at the highest possible price.

Houses and units that have been styled especially by a home organiser for the purpose of selling stand out against those properties that have not. Styled homes look more impressive on real estate websites and in photo presentations making them more appealing to the target market and will make potential buyers want to investigate the property further.

Property styling along side decluttering services provided by a professional organiser is a great move management tool and motivator. The home seller also gets a head start on preparing for the move. Things used less often are already packed and you have begun to view your home as a product for sale. Your stylist will help you emotionally disconnect from your home in preparation for change, which greatly reduces the stress of selling and moving. Other benefits to note are:

  • Property styling for sale creates emotional buyers which in turn pushes the value up and helps the home to sell quickly
  • It shows best use of space and design in photography
  • A Mooving Matters stylist and home organiser will aim to highlight the best features of the property
  • Styling methods can help distract a buyer from some minor defective features of a property, for example; stains or scratches on walls or floors can can be easily repaired by the new owner.
  • Most importantly it helps buyers to fall in love with the property which is your ultimate goal!

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How much difference does Property Styling by a professional organiser make?

Recent research has shmovers that pack for youown that the average time on the market for homes that have been styled to sell is only on average 33 days compared to 90 days for non-styled homes from the latest real estate agent reports.
It has also been seen that on average, properties styled to sell can attract a 3-6% minimum increase in final sale price.

One important thing to note is that property Styling and or having your home reviewed by a professional organiser also costs significantly less than your first price reduction. Research has shown that $3,000 spent on property styling or on a home organiser can be more effective in selling a property than dropping your askingprice by $10,000.

Another plus is that property Styling on investment properties is tax deductible. The furniture and décor items, can be leased with comparative a lower cost than conventional interior decorating, which requires the procurement of furniture and accessories.

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Why should I engage a Professional Residential Stylist or home organiser?

Many people have a natural talent for home decorating. Your friends or family or yourself may have done successful home reno, have an artistic eye or feel for minimalism and a little knowledge of Feng Shui up your sleeve. However, will you be able to economically increase the asking price of your property?

As busy lifestyles and work commitments get in the way, will you still be able to coordinate your talented friends into your timetable? However, we do welcome and encourage you to do as much as you can yourself we find the best results are produced when we work with you towards the ultimate outcome.

At Mooving Matters, as professional organisers andmove management specialists not only do we offer full service packing and moving, we can work in partnership with you and our proven team of professional trades to also attain your pre sale property styling goals. As a one stop shop we strive to provide you of an excellent quality service, while keeping costs to a minimum. Our aim is to ensure that our clients at the end of day are happy with their investment. All repairs, improvements and interior design work are carried out efficiently to a high standard and within a time frame, and if you have preferred contractors we can oversee them to ensure that your plans are realised and deadlines are met, leaving you to carry on with your everyday life stress free!

Below is basic checklist of the essential things a vendor should go through before putting their property on the market.

Services: Check fuse box, water heater, roof tiles, guttering, rubbish removal, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, light fittings, locks and hardware, pool equipment, and make sure DIY jobs are completed.

Maintenance: Check exterior surfaces, patch & paint especially entry doors and window frames, tidy gardens, lawn care. Check interior surfaces, patch & paint, repair obvious problem areas and anything that leaks or squeaks.

Cleaning: Ensure the property is clean inside and out, windows, carpets, everything should sparkle!

Presentation: The property must be tidy and decluttered, and this should be maintained throughout the Open Inspection period.

Styling: Are the spaces or rooms functional? Can you imagine someone else living there? If you can’t, then neither can potential buyers. Does each room have impact to sway the decision of a unsure buyer?

Mooving Matters’ move management and decluttering services strategies can efficiently guide you through the process, from project concept to completion, leaving you to sit back and enjoy, as we do it all for you.

movers that pack for you

Other additional commonly asked questions…

Does the property have to be vacant?

No, the property can be partially staged while you still reside at the property.

If the home is vacant, what areas are best to have styled? 

The general rule of thumb when it comes to staging your property is to always style the living room, dining room, kitchen, main outdoor area and master bedroom.

What are the top tips when it comes to presale styling?

  • Let in as much natural light as possible and turn on all of the lights and lamps during open homes. This will make the property feel bigger, fresher and brighter.
  • De-personalise your home by taking down all family photos – you don’t want the buyer to feel like they are in someone else’s home, you want them to feel like they are in their home.

What if your budget is on the tight side?

You don’t have to go with a whole property makeover if the budget just doesn’t allow for it,

Just talk to your home organiser Sydney – Mooving Matters, we are the movers that pack for you and refresh you space too! 

To arrange a complementary on-site inspection of your property by the Mooving Matters team or to simply discuss your Ultimate full service packing + moving’  experience call (02) 93375333 or visit us at

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