Preparing For The Packers When Moving House

move management 2So, it’s on! the move is happening – you’ve completed an extensive search of the best local top-rated moving companies, having chosen a full-service mover that will give you the best offer in terms of price for size of job. With most things in life it makes sense to be organised for an event and this is exactly the case with preparing for moving. Strapped for time with your hands already full jugging life as it is, you’ve also opted for the extra service of out-sourcing your packing and having your home packed up by professionals. However, you may be now asking so what exactly are the tasks you are supposed to complete before the packing experts arrive? To make Pack day and Move day easier for everybody, especially for yourself and your family, this article is a handy guide on the dos and don’ts of how to prep before your hired professional packing team lands on your door step. Some of these may come as common sense, however the main thing is that you want to ensure your belongings remain secure and intact as well as in the in their new correct location and home once you have moved.

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  1. Ensure your items are Clean and organised

Your soiled washing, dishes, utensils and tools and other essential daily miscellaneous items can be packed and moved with ease when they are clean and in order.

  1. Undertake that essential Purge of useless items

It doesn’t make much sense to pay for having items packed professionally and then transported to your new home only to be never used again. A head of time sort through your house hold items and belongings and access what you can sell, dispose of, giveaway or give to charity. It’s a must to do this before packers arrive, if you aren’t able to get rid of it all before then, create a pile and place a sign on it stating “STAY” or “DON’T PACK / MOVE”. So, packers wont go near it.

  1. Dispose of the item’s your packers won’t touch

movers and packers sydneyLook to part with any items that your packing crew won’t agree to pack for you. Even though you’re paying for the professional packing services you’re about to receive, there are a number of hazardous items that moving companies may not be allowed to pack up and transport for safety reasons. Check with your packers if they can or will pack the following:

  • Hazardous items such as corrosive, explosive and flammable materials, including weapons and ammunition, chemicals, oils, cleaning fluids, paint, etc.
  • Perishables such as frozen, refrigerated or fresh foods. Don’t forget to use up your food supply prior to the arrival of your packing team.
  • Plants– due to their extreme fragility, the transportation of your leafy friends is your sole responsibility. Consider gifting your plants to friends or donating them to local hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc.
  1. Create an Inventory List

Once left with only with the personal belongings you will be moving to your new house or apartment, it’s time to create an itemized checklist that will detail everything that is quite ready to be packed up by the hired packing help. A household inventory will:

1) you will have a detailed list of all the items in your shipment and will check the delivered items against it in search of missing or damaged things, and

2) you will be able to file an insurance claim with your insurer, if any, or file a damage claim with your mover if you do find any of your delivered goods damaged or missing.

Creating your home inventory list may sound overwhelming but its not at all! Using good old pen-and-paper method (mark down the type, quantity and current condition of each item, and leave and extra column for comments), or try an app to complete your house inventory checklist in no time! One to try is MoveAdvisor – the free mobile app will help organize your inventory list of your entire home in minutes.

  1. No pack zone and do not pack items

Professional organiser sydneyThese are often you personal, private or most sentimental processions. It can include items as clothing for period whilst move is happening, toiletries, work items, chargers, electronics or any hazardous items. Look to pack these yourself ahead of time and look to place signage once again instructing packers not to touch.

Next one of your priority tasks is to select one room where you will place all the things that will be traveling with you to your new home. This room is the no-pack zone for your professional packers – make sure you let them know that you intend to pack and move those items yourself before they start.

  1. Organise and sign post rooms

Try and keep for example your main bedroom bathroom items in your master bedroom bathroom so packers know how to label box and where it will be located in new residence. If some items are to be relocated to another room in your new place, then place a note on the item and where or what room it is to be located in once moved.

  1. Save and back up

Use a portable hard drive or USB to back up your computer / laptop and tablets.

  1. Pack your essential boxes

Preparing for professional movers and packers includes packing up a few essentials’ boxes out from the things you’ve already placed in the no-pack area. The smart idea behind organizing such essentials boxes is that the moment your furniture pieces and your household items are packed up by the movers and loaded into the moving vehicle, you will cease to have access to them until you are reunited with them once more at your new home. And until that moment in time, you will still need a number of important or even life-saving things to have at arm’s length.

What should you pack in your survival kits? Anything that you think you will need to survive a day or two without your stuff. The most common-sense suggestions to cover are; prescription medicine, non-perishable food, bottled water, plastic kitchen utensils, towels, bed sheets, spare clothes for each family member, toiletries, any favourite book or games, essential tools.

  1. Expensive items

decluttering services sydneyIf it’s an item that’s very special to you or has a high value, please let your movers and packers know this is the case and make sure to tag these items with “handle with care” or “fragile” notices.

If you dont feel comfortable with them packing these items then look to have these packed by your self and moved by yourself for that extra peace of mind.

  1. Prepare layout space and declutter

Ensure to give your movers and packers a good amount of space to sort and pack boxes. Remove clutter where necessary. Clear and open spaces will allow the pack to be streamlined and turned around more quickly.

  1. Tick off the small stuff

It’s a great idea to take care of the small items that you can easily pack up yourself. Although you’re paying professionals to pack up your household goods for you, sometimes it’s much better if you choose to pre-pack some small items the way you want it. So, scan your home and see what items may benefit by being pre-packed by you so time is saved in the end.

This tactical move can be especially useful when packing collector’s items – things you generally insist on handling yourself due to their high value – both sentimental and monetary.

  1. Prep appliances to be packed

Included your household appliances in the inventory checklist. And if you did, then you must have made an informed decision to let professional movers and packers pack up and move those large electric appliances all the way to your new residence. And considering their Size and weight. These all effect moving costs.

Unplug any large appliances you intend to have packed – refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, electric or gas cookers, and clean out and empty them. If not, you will have to do all that after the move. Either way, your appliances should be ready to be wrapped up and protected before the professional packers for moving show up at your door, so get down to work.

  1. Call a family meeting

movers that pack for you sydneyIt’s wise in preparing for professional movers and packers is to ensure the all family members are across what’s happening and their safety, including any pets you may have. Discuss with those living the house what to expect when the packers arrive and what major role each member will have during that often hectic phase of moving out. Soon enough, you will need to welcome complete strangers in your home for a packing job that can take entire days.

So, make sure everyone is informed to avoid making your move traumatic. Keep your kids and pets safe, if in the house at the time place them in a room as far away from the packing action as possible with trusted persons to supervise your loved ones while your hired packers do their job. Otherwise have them looked after with family or friends at another location.

  1. Take Photos for peace of mind

Hired professional movers and packers bring high-quality packing materials, as well as experience and resourcefulness, they pack things fast while also taking all the safety measures you can think of, and they are also properly insured – meaning that they will accept the liability for any damages when they pack your boxes.

However, being extra cautious won’t hurt – on the contrary, it can help you resolve an issue in your favour after the move. Take out your trusted digital camera and take plenty of photos of your household items before packers come to pack. Concentrate on valuables and antiques, and make sure you produce numerous close-up shots as well.

In case any disputes arise between you and the moving company that has serviced you, those photos can serve as proof of your items’ condition before the professional packing has started.

  1. Tell them your expectations

Make a list of what you would like the packers to take care of and notify them as soon as possible.

Do a walk through before and after packers arrive to check that everything has been covered and to inform the packers if there is anything incomplete or if you aren’t satisfied with there completed job.

movers that pack for you

Prepare and think ahead, it will save you the stress and time relocating items in your new home.  Put a bit of effort into getting yourself and household contents in order and ready for the packers and the impending move. Mooving matters, the movers that pack for you team and experienced professional home organisers Sydney are more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding preparing for their arrival to pack up your home.

To arrange a complementary on-site inspection of your removalist and packing tasks by  Mooving Matters, your home organiser Sydney or to simply discuss our Ultimate full service packing + moving’  experience call (02) 93375333 or visit us at

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