Top Garage Storage Solutions – An Organised Garage In A Weekend!

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Are you tired of seeing your garage as dumping ground for random objects? We know all too well that garages and sheds are the last to be organised but can be the best multipurpose space and storage area for so many things in the home. So if you have abit of spare time on your hands, just a weekend is enough, then this guide can help you make the most of the most commonly neglected area of the home. Below is our 2 day garage organisation and declutter guide to get your garage or shed in shape in no time!

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Step One; Saturday – The garage declutter

This first step of garage organisation will usually take a better part of a day. Like when you would be sorting through your belongings when starting a move or organising a wardrobe Start the garage declutter process by sorting items into the following categories:

  • Keep – In step two you will find a new location or zone in garage for these items
  • Donate / sell – Collect unwanted belongings and either pass on to friends / family or a charity or you could sell these online.
  • Throw – When you next council pick up? Organise disused items to be discarded properly, placed in recycling bin if possible or sent to the tip

After a big day of sorting and garage decluttering take a rest as tomorrow you will be on to zoning and collating into storage.

Step Two; Sunday AM – Grouping similar items together & zoning

Look to create functionality in your garage space by creating a mud map of zones. Set up different areas in your garage to store things with ease of access for how often they are used. For example, put all your garden tools and equipment together in one area in cabinet or using a peg board, sport equipment on racks or hangers etc.

Making specific areas for different things will make your garage organisation better to navigate and potentially provide a neat place to work in as well.

Remember to ensure heavy items / boxes are stored closer to the ground and so shelves don’t tip or break.

Step Three; Sunday PM – Using Garage storage solutions to stack & store

This step is about being storage smart with new your garage organisation. Once you have decluttered the garage and made some space for where you would like certain things to go, next you will need to group and store the various items you are keeping together appropriately so you can find them again with ease. For instance, if you have a lot of hardware bits and pieces such as different sized nuts, bolts, nails etc., then its best place these in either small plastic containers with lids or better still clear boxes with different compartments. You can grab these at any good hardware store like Bunnings or a storage accessories shop like Howards storage world.

Containers and storage Boxes

Boxes are the most convenient and accessible garage storage solution to start seeing clarity out of chaos in your garage. It pays to place items in the right sized boxes or containers and also labelling them. Keeping things organised in boxes will make your life much easier and neater, with finding random objects no longer being a mammoth mission. Good garage organisation is a must especially if you reside in apartment block and have a shared secure garage, you will want to be smart with how you store your items. Importantly you do not want to upset your strata for not keeping your storage area tidy.

Re-purpose old furniture

If you have shelving or storage chest you no longer use inside the home then don’t throw them out but look to reuse them in the garage. These can be great storage for outdoor toys or sports or camping equipment. Where you can save some dollars and the environment and reuse functional furniture.

Shelving and Cube storage

The good old Ikea style freestanding cube shelving unit or cupboard can provide those much needed pigeon holes for storing various items. With the use of plastic tubs per each cube partition, will allow you to easily separate things easily. You can have tubs dedicated to car cleaning equipment, sports equipment, repair kits, gardening tools etc. Of course, also clearly labelling your cubes will help you know quickly where to locate things. The cube unit is cheaper but sturdy garage organisation solution and piece of furniture that can store numerous items, especially if it can be anchored against a wall.

Racking & wall mounts

Open style industrial metal shelving systems as racks are great for storing gardening equipment as rakes and brooms and electrical tools. Racks can go quiet high making it a good way to store things that don’t get used very often, up and out of the way like the Christmas tree and its decorations. Racking units are space saving, maximise your storage area, are sturdy and keep equipment safe and tidy. They reduce the chance of trip hazards and less chance of getting your car scratched or damaged by falling equipment and tools. 

Clothes racks

Hate tracking sandy or dirty clothes into the house? Then why not look to have a free standing clothes rack in the garage? It is a good place to dry wetsuits and towels on hangers or hang sports gear. And is easily accessible to the car for when you decide to hit the beach or field beach.

Bike Rack

Bikes can take up a lot of floor space in garage so a bike rack that hangs off the wall or stands on the floor can be very space efficient and keeps things clutter free. Racks help prevent bikes falling over and damaging cars.

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Wall hangers & Ceiling racks

Wall hangers or custom hanging peg boards are great garage organisation method for mounting and placing tools neatly out of the way of a work bench but keeping them visually accessible. For high Ceiling or roof space use appropriate screw in hooks or hangers to store items such as fishing rods, surf boards, ski’s to pieces of timber or pipe. These racks are great for the handy man or sporty family.

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Always consider everyone’s safety when completing any garage organisation task.

Garages can be hazardous places so its important to ensure you keep any pets and children out of the vacinity whilst clearing and moving. Also you want to ensure you safely store potentially dangerous things properly to minimise accidents. The following are some aspects you will want to consider thoughtfully:

  • Toxic chemicals – these should be placed in a lockable or secure area where kids can’t access them.
  • That sharp objects as tools are placed high?
  • Are heavy or large items placed where they can’t be easily knocked or tipped over?
  • Trip hazards and clutter need to be assessed and should also be eliminated around doors. A general minimum clearance space should be maintained around where a car is to be parked so any doors can easily be opened.

We hope you found this article on the best garage organisation solutions helpful and inspired you in decluttering your home. However if your garage is just too much of headache to tackle on your own, we at Mooving Matters with our team of professional home organisers will more than happy to assist!
To arrange a complementary on-site inspection of your Garage organisation tasks by  Mooving Matters, your home organiser Sydney call (02) 93375333 or visit us at

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