Best Moving & Packing Tips To Make Your Move Effortless

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Packing up your belongings and moving to a new premises doesn’t have to be hard and laborious. Here are some moving and packing tips to make life a lot easier when it comes to that tricky relocation. Learn here on how to be prepared and how to use your packing boxes properly to make your moving experience smooth and effortless.

When it comes to moving, ultimately the success of an easy move can lie in the details of avoiding common mistakes most people make. If you make the choice to plan ahead, this will make a massive difference in the end.

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Preparing Ahead Of Time – be moving house ready!

For the majority of people, at some point in their lives they are going to end up having to do the annoying exercise of relocating and moving. A great first tip to consider is creating a moving list of itemised things to do and tick off as you go. This should help to keep track of things a hell of a lot easier. This can also help you guide you through the beginning process and see you through to the final stages.

Another great tip and trick is to efficiently learn how to set up your belongings and pack them in a truck for relocation purposes. Being able to effectively jigsaw puzzle all your precious stuff into a truck can save hours of heartache. Other obscure issues may pop up such as looking after a pet or small child during a move. Having them looked after and out of the way is highly recommended, so as not to slow you down in any way.

General Tips And Hacks for a stress free move

Remove All Stuff You No Longer Need

Going through all your stuff beforehand and determining what you actually don’t and do need, can save you a lot of unnecessary manpower. The way I like to look at it, is if I have not used this item in the last 5 years, then chances are I will not be using it for the next 5 years. So for me, that’s bin time. But you should determine yourself, what you do and don’t really need moving forward.

Start Packing As Early As You Can

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The sooner you start packing, the better off you will be. If you can manage to pack days, even weeks ahead of time, this will end up easing the burden on your moving efforts. A good idea is start packing the uncommon stuff, and other items you won’t really miss in your day to day. If you’re in a particular season, say winter, then you can potentially pack all your summer clothes first as you won’t be needing them for a while. When the time comes to move the rest, the burden will be eased significantly.

Book A Removalist Ahead Of Time

If you plan on organising a removal specialist, or plan on getting moving equipment, then it would be a good idea to get this sorted as soon as you can. The earlier the better if possible. The longer you take on this, could actually end up costing you more money. You may be able to secure a cheaper price by locking it in earlier. Doing it last minute can also result in shortages of movers, and quite possibility a premium price being paid due to the urgency of last minute.

Get Your Utilities Organised

As soon as you know the dates you are going to move into the new place, you should organize to get your utilities activated at the new address as soon as possible. Call your internet provider to get that booked in on the particular date you need it. Same goes for any electricity or gas that you might need activated. The sooner you get this organized, the better. The utility companies should be able to accommodate you once you’ve given them the dates.

movers and packers sydney

Essential Tips For Packing for your move

Box Sizes Need To Be correct

A key factor and tip, that many get wrong is to have the right things go into the right size boxes. The heavier items should go into small boxes. Whereas the lighter goods should go into bigger boxes. Putting heavy items into big boxes is never a good idea for transporting and lifting, for obvious reasons.

Packing The Box Correctly

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to put the heavy belongings on the bottom of the box. And then to proceed with the lighter stuff on the top. This should help, especially if you are transporting the boxes yourself.

Categorise Your Boxes

A good general tip is to categorise your boxes by room type. If you keep everything from the lounge in boxes labelled “lounge room”, then this well help compartmentalize your belongings. And it will also make it a hell of a lot easier when you are unpacking.

Securing The Boxes

Don’t be stingy with the tape! Make sure you tape up the boxes well, so they are nice and tight and secure. The last thing you want is the box breaking and your stuff falling out whilst transporting it. Make sure you wrap the tape all around the box to make it ultra-strong and secure.

Packing The Kitchen Items

You should extra care and pay special attention to the kitchen items. You want to make sure you pack the dishes and other brittle items in the correct manner. It would be really annoying for your plates to break whilst transporting them. Things like knives should be given special attention too when packing. To have knives falling out of the box is probably not the safest of ideas. A good tip is to scrunch up old newspaper to fill in as padding so the items are secure.

Have Your Wardrobe Organised

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Packing your clothes and having them ready for transport can be an easy enough task if you have a plan. A good general tip is you can fold the common clothes like shirts and shorts, and pack them in garbage bags. You can even fold them into boxes as well, whatever suits you. A nice little trick is to cover your hanging clothes in garbage bags. I like to cut a small hole at the top of the bag, so that the hangers can loop through. This way I can fit in 4-5 items on the hangers to be covered by the one garbage bag for protection whilst transporting.

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