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Are you wanting to move but like many are conscious of your budget? Do you feel you can do it yourself, but you are lost when it comes to getting your hands on the right packing supplies to get started? Well you have come to the right place – Mooving Matters can help with this too!

Yes, we can do a full service pack, move and unpack, but we can also assist in you purchasing the right boxes and packing supplies to be able to do a DIY move, for when it suits you…

Simply give us a call and we can assess the moving boxes and packing supplies (tape , wrap, fill etc) you require depending on the type of move you are carrying out, from a small office to a multi storey home. We can recommend the right type and size and quantity of moving boxes for the move you will be undertaking. We will importantly will organise for all boxes and packing supplies to conveniently be dropped off to you at your residence or property to get your pack started properly and promptly.

So why get your boxes and packing supplies via Mooving Matters?

We offer delivery of boxes to the lower north shore area.

Place orders for your packing boxes 24 / 7.

Pick up your box order 24 / 7.

As professional packers and movers we offer you experienced and knowledgeable advice on all required packing essentials. We can assess how many of what type of boxes you actually need, saving you time and money!

We can offer the following recommended packing boxes and essentials at your convenience. Our boxes are high quality and Australian made. They are typically manufactured using durable structural methods and assembled with strong, good quality and safe adhesives. Most are made from recycled cardboard and can be easily recycled after use providing a more sustainable solution.

Our Moving Boxes

Tea Chest Box

431mm L x 596mm D x 406mmW

Tea Chest boxes your most commonly used box type and size are made for packing larger, cumbersome but lighter objects. These bigger boxes will suit bulkier items such as large soft toys, garments, cushions and quilts. These moving boxes can also cater for the transportation of any larger irregular shaped and more fragile items such as lampshades, vases and decorative homewares when wrapped and padded out properly with bubble wrapping and packing wrapping papers.

Crystal Box

403mm L x 330mm D x 301mm W

Next most popular packing carton is the Crystal box. With it’s strong twin walled construction it will provide the best protection for your more fragile and delicate items. With this boxes more compact size it will help keep its weight down for ease of lifting.

This box is best suited for packing precious items such as crockery, crystal, porcelain or delicate glass when used with the appropriate wrapping and box filling.

Wardrobe / Port a Robe Box

595mm L x 476mm H x 1080 mm W

The wardrobe Box just as per its name is specifically designed and perfect for carting your clothes whilst in transit, keeping flat and neat just as it would in your closet. This box is used with a metal hanging rail and has a durable twin lined recycled card board construction with fold down front flap for ease of use and accessibility.

Other packing essentials:

Bubble wrap rolls

1 Roll: 10mm thick x 100m Long

This versatile protective bubble wrapping is flexible enough to pack small and fragile objects but also large enough to cover and protect more larger bulkier items. Its ideal for
crockery, glassware and other breakable homewares and decor items.
Our bubble wrap has perforations so it tears easily and precisely.

Packing Tapes

We offer 4 basic but durable tapes to see you through all your packing jobs.

Rubber Tape – 48mm x 75m

Coming in brown and clear, this packing tape adheres strongly to a variety of board surfaces and is able to with stand extreme temperatures. This multi purpose tape is ideal for high volume packing and for packaging that requires refrigeration. This tape can be applied using a hand held tape dispenser / gun.

Fragile Tape – 48mm x 75m

For those boxes with breakable contents we recommend using a quality FRAGILE Warning Tape. Its as smooth finish and strong adhesive hold with high temperature resistance.

Packing Papers

5 Kg and 15 Kg Reams (810mm x 600mm)

Packing paper is a cheap and ideal way in wrapping and protecting items from damaging prior to packing, moving or storing.

It is typically used to fill the empty space remaining inside a carton after wrapped objects have been placed inside. Scrunch packing paper to fill voids greatly reduces your risk of breakages and also to padding out the top and at base of the carton will lower your chances of damage from any impact.

moving boxes Sydney

Need supplies? We can get packing boxes and essentials to you fast!

For your quality moving boxes and packing supplies, to your door at your convenience in the Northern beaches, Lower North Shore and Inner west, all you need to do is contact us now via phone on 02 93375333 or email us at

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