How To Protect Your Interiors When Moving House

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So, you have packed away your precious and valuable household items, furniture and appliances properly as to protect them from damage and breakages, but have you considered the protection of your property? It is a common occurrence during a move that large or cumbersome furniture pieces and heavy items can be bumped into your walls and cause damage to a house that you’ve already sold or the one you are about to move into.

The last thing you want is to fork out money for repairs. However, we know these situations can be diverted just by taking some simple precautions to greatly reduce the likelihood of damage to your property interiors.

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Protecting walls

  1. Wrap it up: The simplest way to protect plasterboard and painted walls is to ensure you have wrapped or covered the items you’ll be moving out and into the new place with proper materials such as plastic shrink wrap, bubble warp, foam padding, and or soft fabrics to avoid damage if something rubs up again your walls. 
  2. Stock supplies: Next, contact your professional full-service moving company or pick up your own supplies that would help cover the walls before the move. You’ll find that cardboard or thin mdf are great options for protecting the walls. You can also try furniture pads, especially for areas like the stairs or underneath banisters, since these are easy to hang and drape. Painters drop-cloths are great to help prevent scratches during the move. Take care not to miss sharp corners to objects, as these will need need extra padding to avoid marking walls while you’re moving out items. Look for these on bed frames or cabinets. Even brown paper or butcher’s paper to the walls will work and are cost effective and recyclable. 23
  3. Take your time: Make sure everyone is taking plenty of time and care when moving and lifting heavy or large furniture, boxes or appliances especially when going through doorways. Before your move You’ll want to measure the areas, you are taking them through and have enough movers to help with awkward and heavy items.

You should also consider dismantling large items is the best plan of attack and using proper equipment to assist you with the moving process. Make sure tripping hazards are taken care of. Any surfaces that can be slippery are not dirty or wet to avoid dropping it or slipping and your paths or travel and access are clear of debris, rugs, and mats or uneven surfaces.

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What about carpets and hard floors?

A significant surface area in a home that is often forgotten but can easily get damaged is the flooring. It is a good idea to invest in some self-adhesive plastic covering. Applying this film to your carpets will help avoid tears, or spills or mess left by dirty shoes. Hardwood floors should be protected with cardboard or felt to avoid denting or scratching. You can also use old rug-runners and drop sheets over hard floors and Mdf boards over carpets.

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What careful movers should do

When hiring a professional moving company, you want to ensure they will take the proper steps to protect your property from unnecessary damage. Here’s a sample of the types of actions or services they should offer:

1. When your movers arrive on site they should install “bumpers” on all doors, internal and external to protect your furniture and belongings and importantly the walls and doors.

2. They should wrap large items carefully in protective blankets to ensure that these items will not scratch or damage your interiors while they are moving it from home to the next and one room to the next.

3. Your movers should have the “right” type of equipment to move all of your items.

4. Your moving team should wrap every item possible.

5. A good moving service will offer surface protection options and supplies to cover floors etc.

How to ensure a smooth damage free move

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For your piece of mind and bank balance ensure to take into account the right safety and damage precautions to the home you’re moving out of and also moving into as a lot cost can be involved in repairing the walls, stairs or the floors. Protecting your home may be one of the best investments you make when it comes to your upcoming move. Use these tips to properly prepare for your move so that you are not left with a hefty repair to be covered post move.

We recommend that the best way to protect your home during the move is to hire an experienced and trusted professional moving company. They will know the best ways to protect your belongings as well as your property, as they are trained to handle everything with care during a move. It is wise to make this step your priority when you are looking to move and then stock up on supplies that will give you the best chances for success.

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