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Doing any sort of a relocation or permanent move when dealing with seniors or individuals with disabilities is actually quite a pressure driven task, and can prove to be quite tricky at times when done incorrectly. It can include emotional stress, monetary weight of sudden moving expenses and other calculated difficulties. It is often a lot harder too when dealing with mature age residents and individuals with inabilities to move on their own. We here at Mooving Matters look to alleviate the tress of such a task. So if you prefer not to go through the hassle, just give us a call and we can tend to your needs. 

It is highly recommended you seek the services of a professional and highly reputable moving service. A team who unpack and pack and move elderly and disabled clientele and can get the job done right from the start, and in a timely efficient manner. At Mooving Matters we specialise in servicing Sydney’s North Shore, but can also cater for other areas on request. Mooving Matters can guarantee the safe removal of all your belongings, and are able to deliver the goods to new location without any fuss.

When dealing with moving seniors and people with a disability, it becomes even more important you should seek the help of the professionals. They can usually help to clear and remove items which may be considered unnecessary. They can also assist with the packing of the customer belongings, which can be of extra benefit to the elderly or the individuals that may have disabilities.

If the situation does arise where you have to help the elderly or a someone with a disability, see below all our tips to help you get started with a smooth relocation process to make sure everything goes down without any hitches. 

1. Start By Having Some Sort Of Rough Plan 

Engaging in a move of any sort, without first planning is a perilous exercise to undertake. Take into account that you are now attempting to do it with the elderly and disabled people, then that makes the situation even harder. Because of the complexity of the task, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and at least have some sort of rough plan of how you want to go about achieving the task at hand. 

Having a plan is always a good idea, especially in the case of elderly folk who normally have quite a bit of belongings they have to pack and move. In the case of the disabled, this can sometimes also mean the moving of medical equipment. Hence it is highly recommended you have some sort of a list that you can tick off as you complete each item.

Organising things in advance is always a good idea. Whether this be you pre pack a lot of the belongings, or even better you book in a tried and trusted professional moving specialist to complete the task at hand. We have to also keep in mind that when dealing with the elderly, or the disabled that the job itself can usually take a bit longer than normal. 

It is recommended you know well ahead of time your budget in regards to how much you will spend on the move. You should thoroughly research and go with a reputable moving specialist to make things easier. It’s a good idea to also let the elderly person, or disabled person prepare well ahead of time about the move. That way they can come to grips with it all and adjust better to it. Sometimes people can be adverse to change, or even be touchy about strangers handling their belongings. 

2. Remove Clutter  

We cant stress how important it is to remove unnecessary items when relocating to a new home. It is imperative you do this before you being the initial packing phase, as it will help alleviate the items that need to be moved. This can sometimes be particularly for a senior, as they have accumulated all these things over time, and sometimes they are reluctant to let them go. 

These certain items can sometimes hold significant meaning to them, so tread carefully when asking them to discard it. Hence for reasons such as this, it can sometimes be a whole lot easier for the individual to enlist the help of professional movers to assist in alleviating some of these more annoying tasks. 

However should you need to do it yourself, achieving the task with the correct approach can help make the relocations process run more smoothly, and remove all stress at the same time. Often this can result in also reducing the overall costs, as sometimes cutting corners can often end up costing you more in the long run. 

That’s why having a detailed list of belongings that you want to remove and declutter is always a step in the right direction. These can be things such as old and unused furniture. Another popular one is unused clothes. Ask yourself if you will ever use that shirt again? If it’s a no, then discard it. What’s the point of keeping a clothing item you will never wear again. 

3. Choose How You Pack Carefully 

When your dealing with assisting a move for the elderly or disabled person, you must take the utmost care when packing their belongings, especially when moving into a new house. It’s a good idea to first ask them which belongings they don’t mind you packing for them. Again, the elderly can sometimes be very sensitive with their belongings they have garnered for sometimes decades. Helping them with this process can help to alleviate problems arising.

Perhaps even get other trusted loved ones to assist with the packing process. This can really help to ease the situation at hand. The more hands you have helping, the lighter the packing work gets.  

It’s a really good idea that you get high quality packing boxes. They are relatively cheap to get, so maybe don’t skimp on the boxes. A good quality box can come in handy, especially when dealing with delicate items. Last thing you want is the box breaking whilst carrying it, and the belongings being damaged.  

Another great suggestion is to label all your boxes to make things easier when undergoing the unpacking phase. I would even suggest you actually describe and write down what is inside the box, to make things even easier. As sometimes it may actually be the elderly or disabled person that actually unpacks the boxes. So, this should help avoid any confusion. 

4. Have A Spare Bag Just In Case 

Pack an overnight bag to ensure that every item which is needed immediately is available in the new house. Since old and disabled people can’t unpack their own, you can give them comfort by preparing their overnight bag for the survival of their first night in a new house. 

This might sound strange at first, but it can be a good idea have an overnight bag to make sure that essential or key items are present in the house on the first night when needed, this can really help assist the elderly or disabled person, who sometimes can engage on their own unpacking process. This is where the overnight bag can really come in handy and provide all the essentials they need. 

Some of the more common items they may need can include a toothbrush, soap, a mobile phone perhaps, and even things such as medicine or water. 

5. Hire Professional Moving And Packing Specialist In Sydney

The moving process can a very difficult process for the elderly and disabled. Often it can even create unnecessary stress for these such people, as it is a very challenging process for them to undertake. Simple things such as packing, and unpacking can all of a sudden be a difficult task. 

Hence, we thoroughly and highly recommend you enlist the help of professional moving specialist such as us, who do this sort of thing everyday and can achieve the task at hand with ease. Professional moving specialist can give the elderly or disabled the peace of mind necessary for a stressful move. 

Look for the most reliable and affordable option before making any final decision. Compare the prices of at least five companies and make sure they give you thorough removal services with a customer satisfaction guarantee. 

We can provide tried and trusted service, at affordable prices to keep you happy before coming to any sort of final decision. Just give us a quick call or send us an email to see what your options are in regards to your senior, or disabled moving job. 

6. Create a new organised home for a elderly or person with disabilities

Now that you have reached the final stage, we now have to begin the organising the new home to make sure everything is smooth as possible. But this process can be awfully hard for seniors and disabled people. Unpacking in a new place is an annoying task, let alone for the elderly or disabled. Its imperative that we analyse any potential hazards or things can deter the elderly or disabled in their new space. Certain equipment should be strategically placed to ensure safety at all times. 

Getting these items in the right places to ensure safety can sometimes be a challenging task. Hence its ultra-important they get all the help they can get when it comes to this aspect. 

Its best to let the professionals who do this everyday handle the situation. They can best assess potential hazards and look at the space and suggest where optimal use of the space might exist. Follow their advice and unpack accordingly to their specifications. After all, they do this sort of thing literally every day. 

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In conclusion, yes moving to a new house for the elderly or disabled can be a very difficult process. But with these suggestions and tips you can make it run very smoothly, so that the elderly or disabled are able to experience such a move without the stress and have a seamless move. Why not get our professional team of movers and packers Sydney to do it for you? Give Mooving Matters a call anytime should you want to know more about it. We specialise in the North Shore of Sydney in areas such as Lane Cove, Chatswood, Woolwich, Lindfield and Castlecrag to name a few.

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