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movers that pack for youUndertaking “the big move” from either a shoebox apartment or a spacious mansion, can be one of the most stressful and frustrating life experiences, for some being comparable to going through a divorce or unemployment. The epic task of packing up your life’s treasures and belongings then having to unpack and then reorganise them in your new home is usually a huge juggling act and interruption to your daily routine and work life balance. Put it simply most people don’t have the time or would rather someone else, a packing services team take care of it! And in that case this is where the movers that pack and unpack for you; Mooving Matters the professional organiser  Sydney can definitely help!

As most associate negative feelings when going through a house move, it can actually be a fantastic chance to revitalise your home, sort and rearrange your furniture and household items and be more functional in the next abode.


movers that pack for you


So is there a magic formula to help you have the most successful move experience? Yes! Mooving Matters and their “Ultimate Move”- full service packing and moving package can take the stress out of every aspect of your pack, move, unpack and styling! To help get you started thou below there are some handy tips that a good home organiser lives by to help you achieve a smooth transition from one home to the next:

1. Say goodbye to useless items

Don’t let old furniture and boxes of meaningless stuff follow you and take up space in your new home. Plan at least a couple of weeks prior to your moving date, to begin the process of going through and sorting each room’s contents. Create four categories to stick to: keep; to give away; to sell; to dispose of. Move management is so much easier when you stop being a hoarder and declutter your home & life. Moving is the perfect time to reassess and re-edit your furniture and homewares.  Get rid of anything that is broken or that you have fallen out of love with. Moving can be that perfect time to splurge on something you really love for your new home.


2. Keep it clear and simplefull service packing and moving

As your experienced packing services company of Sydney, Mooving Matters recommend to create order with cheap stackable labelled storage containers, they will let you store
everything, from flours and sugars to cereal, in plain sight. A dedicated area for electrical kitchen appliances is a must and if your pantry has deep shelving that makes it hard to see what it contains, your local $2 shop or supermarket will have storage baskets that are perfect for all of those spice jars, pasta and rice. The baskets can then be pulled out like a drawer instead of rifling through piles of groceries each time you need a random spice.


3. Avoid moving in the summer or on a Friday or Saturday

The worst months to move house happen to be the warmest, according to research. It is also the busiest time in the moving industry, therefore when demand is high so are the removalist rates. The best season to get moving is actually Autumn as there is less traffic, smaller delivery timeframe and full time employees. And with days of the week Sunday is the best day as only 7% choose to move then rather than nearly 20% on a Friday.


4. Deal with admin tasks in advance

Move management is about tying up all your loose ends and the moving process isn’t only about the transportation of your belongings. One of the most stressful and overlooked aspects of moving house is tackling administrative tasks prior to moving day which include:

  • Change of address and forwarding mail to the new place,
  • Cancelling utilities and researching providers at the new place,
  • Informing your bank/insurance company of new address,
  • Dealing with realtors and ceasing rental agreements or selling property.


5. Use plastic cling wrap to pack liquids and jewellery

movers that pack for youEven the best efforts to carefully wrap delicate items and safeguard liquids can be undone whilst in transit. To avoid disappointment when unpacking your boxes, cling wrap can be your best friend.

Cling wrap can be used to also keep necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled. Lay a few pieces of jewellery on a length of plastic wrap and fold the wrap over. Press around your items to keep them separate.

The plastic film can also be used to prevent liquids from spilling. Simply unscrew the lids of bottles of shampoos for example, then place a small square of cling wrap on top. Screw the lid back on to secure the plastic and create a second protective layer to avoid leaks.


6. Reserve a parking space

When Hiring movers be aware of unforeseen additional fees and prepare your space before they arrive.

Moving companies can charge extra rates for tasks such as disassembling & reassembly of any furniture, storage fees, if there is no lift access, or if the truck cannot be parked near house or building entrance and movers have to carry boxes more than 23 metres. Employing Mooving Matters and taking up their full service packing and moving service will keep it all covered and dispel any doubt on hidden fees.

It is always handy if you can park your car in front of your home at least a day before the move to ensure the space is available when movers arrive, and to also measure doorways to check if furniture can fit through with ease.


7. Create a labelling system & order your boxes

A golden rule of all movers and packers is creating a logical and clear labelling system and leaving any essentials like a flashlight or first aid out and accessible for emergencies.

Categorise your household items and boxes they are packed into, into groups based on the room they’re located in, material they’re made of and frequency of use. This can be of great assistance for the movers that pack for you.

Start with the items you use rarely, and don’t mix items from different rooms or items that generally don’t mix as liquids or food with clothes.


8. Use linen instead of bubble wrap

Packing supplies can add up and become costly so before stocking up on supplies, look to your home first. Your home is full of free packing materials, such as old clothing, bed linen, pillows, laundry bins and baskets, and suitcases.

For example you could wrap crockery in old T-shirts or put pillows and blankets in garbage bags and seal them. When you load the truck, use them as padding between furniture or fragile items.

Otherwise Mooving Matters “Ultimate Move” – Full service packing and moving service will organise not only all the essential packing materials but the packing and unpacking of all boxes for you!


9. Fresh and clean Start.move management

Prepare your new home by cleaning it from top to bottom before moving day so that you can put things away immediately once the boxes start to arrive. If you are planning on painting or installing new flooring, do it while the house is empty instead of trying to do it around your belongings later.


10. Let a home organiser do it all for you – hire trusted movers and packers today! 

Call Mooving Matters, the movers that pack for you to book in your full service packing and moving experience and all your move management needs

To arrange a complementary on-site inspection of your property by the Mooving Matters packing services Sydney or to simply discuss your Ultimate full service packing + moving’  experience call 0418 337 533 or visit us at

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