Move Management Tip – How To Minimise Stress When Moving

full service moving and packing 2So you’re needing to move house?…Ok so it’s just a matter of finding some packing boxes and when you get the chance start throwing your household items into them right? Wait a minute, is it really that easy? Packing and unpacking your everyday and cherished items is actually more of an organised art, just talk to the professional organiser Sydney,  – Mooving Matters your movers and packers“We constantly see people making vital errors …..first off procrastination settles in….. “She will be right” ….. “No worries s it’s a no brainer” These are the first fatal mistakes of an amateur home packer.

Mooving Matters are the movers that pack for you! We are your full service packing and moving specialists that can look after your move management needs from start to finish, even managing the removalists who have been hired for the big day! When packing and moving using incorrect boxes, not taking the right care with fragile items to not being organised and preparing themselves time wise you are creating the the perfect storm ….a disaster in waiting. Its all about move management and inside knowledge, the professional organisers Mooving Matters of Sydney have been doing this collectively for over ten years . “Our business model allows us to employ the best in the industry … Why? Because we treat our staff with dignity and respect … this creates the perfect situation of having the best employees on offer !”

movers that pack for you


Mooving Matters, the movers that pack for you recommend the following DIY packing and moving tips:

1. Declutter! – Move management always starts with reviewing your current belongings. As decluttering services experts Mooving Matters recommends if you haven’t used an item of clothing it in months or years or can’t see yourself wearing it again look to pass it on to friends or a charity. By reducing or culling your household items and belongings before the move helps tremendously in lightening your load and reducing your time or movers time & and will certainly save you money during the pack and unpack.

2. Seize the moment! – When you know you are going to move… start the pack as soon as possible by sorting and or packing items you don’t use daily or weekly so that closer to move date just the essentials as kitchen, bathroom and the larger furniture items are left to tend to.

3. Label it! – The more organised you are the smoother the move will be…Look to label boxes with where they are to go in new home and also include a basic description of its contents.. For example “Main Bedroom – summer clothes”, this will make it much easier for the movers that pack and unpack for you. Another tip is to try and write on the actual packing tape or label rather than on the box. Boxes in good condition can be reused or bought back by the movers or removalists.

4. Boxes ain’t Boxes! – Use the right materials, strong packing boxes and creates and packing tape. If packing yourself don’t take the cheaper avenue and risk by using hardware store or supermarket boxes, unfortunately they are never strong or durable enough, this is a golden rule in move management. And take the word from movers that pack for you – forget about wrapping your wine glass wear and fine china plates in newspaper, its messy and leave an imprint on everything, white butchers paper and bubble wrap are clean and safer method!

5. Urgh I packed my tooth brush! – Keep it simple and hassle free and pack a few boxes of essentials these can include things you will need for the first night in your new home. Items it can include are toiletries, bed linen, food staples and small appliances as the kettle. Ans then you can leave the rest for the movers that pack for you!


movers that pack for you


Our top tips for experiencing the ‘Ultimate Move ‘ – Full Service Packing and Moving  movers that pack for you 2

1. Call Mooving Matters’ move management team and your professional organiser Sydney to discuss your next move, In fact we can offer the ‘Ultimate Move’ experience ….full service moving and packing as well as full service unpacking ” Our unpackers are also stylists who unpack and bring your personality back in to your new home”! This is exactly how we differ from other movers that pack for you who try the unpacking task.

2. Whatever you do try not to be doing last minute packing when the movers arrive. Have a Mooving Matters home organiser on site to manage the move for the day, who can do that forgotten or hard to get to packing!! Basically we provide direction to the removalists on where what and how!

3. Good move management is always more successful with a sketch floor plan on hand of the new place so that labelled boxes can go in the right place straight away. Another helpful tip is to request your movers to not place boxes against cupboards. We want to achieve an efficient streamline unpack for you!!

4. Reduce the stress by having kids and or pets cared for by friends or relatives for the day if you are going to be overseeing the move. In fact better still leave it to Mooving Matters, the movers that pack for you and take up the Ultimate move package and have a holiday away!! And come back to your newly organised and completely personalised styled home.

5. Its always nice gesture to offer the movers that pack for you a light meal if they are working over a break or at meal time. Or to show you are happy with the move result – Most removalists wouldn’t say no to a bottle of wine or a case of beer as a bonus, or a generous tip ($20-30 per mover) if they’ve done a good job. Keep your staff we’ll watered especially on a hot day !


To arrange a complementary on-site inspection of your property by the movers and packers Mooving Matters team or to simply discuss your Ultimate full service packing + moving’  experience call (02) 93375333 or visit us at


movers that pack for you

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