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movers that pack for you sydneyIt’s no surprise that “moving house” has been ranked as being one of life’s most stressful experiences. So if it’s an overwhelming and emotional time by adults and parents alike, how do our younger generations feel and cope with such a major home life transition, especially if they have only ever known one home?

This article aims to provide some informative tips and insights on how to survive each stage of a big move with your little ones (and not so little ones) and how Mooving matters, your full service packing and moving team and professional organiser Sydney can help you along in the process.


1. Before the Move:


Talk about the Move and get them ready:

  • Once the decision has been made to make a move, its best to organise a family meeting and have honest and open communication on the moving plans with your kids. Teenagers especially don’t like surprises so make sure your immediate family know what is going to happen and when changes will commence and also how they are expected to help. Involve them where possible in the decision making.
  • Try and answer all questions your kids have truthfully.
  • Even if the transition is for the better and will improve family life, children may not understand or see it that way, and tend to focus on the uncertain aspect of the move such as making new friends in a new neighbourhood.


Introduce them early to the idea of moving, the new house and new suburb:

full service packing and moving sydney

  • If you can make a family excursion to the new home and new area they’ll be living in prior the move. This can help minimise any anxiety they may have and at the same time engage and create excitement. If this isn’t possible take a virtual tour online.
  • Research the new area and its opportunities for new activities.
  • Let them gain ownership and give them a chance to think about how their new bedroom will look.
  • Get young children to read books about families that have moved house to help prepare them for the move.


– Big Ernie’s New Home, By Teresa and Whitney Martin

– Louis + Bobo: We Are Moving, By Christiane Engle

– The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day, By Stan and Jan Berenstain

Book recommendations – Ages 6 and Up

– Maybe Yes, Maybe No, Maybe Maybe, By Susan Patron

– Where I Live, By Eileen Spinelli


Packing and de-cluttering

  • Moving house is the best opportunity to de-clutter. A good rule of thumb and a great of move management strategy is if you haven’t used something in the last year then it’s time to toss it.
  • When de-cluttering, set up a box of items to donate, a box for goods to sell, and a box for the items to be binned. If you think you will have a lot of rubbish, it’s a good idea to order a skip for the week or two before your move. Keep toys and clothes to be moved to a minimum.
  • Let kids get creative and decorate packing boxes to show what’s in them
  • Get someone to look after kids while you pack, or pack in the evening when the children are asleep. If you need to pack during the day, get the kids helping to pack the non-fragile items. Otherwise save our precious time and the the headache and get MOOVING MATTERS – your home organiser Sydney in, the movers that pack for you… and don’t forget to ask about our decluttering services!
  • Disassemble the beds and let them sleep on the mattresses for a week or so before the move.
  • Leave their favourite toys out as long as possible and pack everything else first.

For further hints and tips refer to our Mooving Tips article The Essential De-clutter Guide


Engage the professionals – A home organiser:

Contact Mooving matters, the packing services Sydney team and let their professional organiser deliver a full service packing and moving package. Our team of movers and packers will meticulously pack, move and unpack your home to your liking so you have more time to be with your kids.


Make it a fun experience – Pack A Special Move Box

  • As you start the packing up of your current home, get each of the kids to pack their very own special box of their most prized possessions. This will include items they’ll want to have as soon as they arrive to the new home.
  • Allowing easy accessibility to their things, will allow them to feel more comfortable in their new room and home more quickly.
  • Always handy to include stuff they’ll need the first night, including bed linen toiletries, pjs, and favourite toy.

Mooving Matters, your movers that pack for you, believe your Children’s well-being must be a priority during the moving process.

move management sydneyA lot of Mooving Matters clients have young families. “If you have the time you could look to pack yourself but throw a couple of kids in the mix, it definitely helps to have some extra experienced hands to help you out and relive some of the burden on your family”. Director of Mooving Matters, Anne Maree says, “I hire only experienced mature and reliable women, because we understand the level of service our clients are after and deserve”. Their full service packing and moving package run by only professional organisers could be the answer to your moving prayers and offer you peace of mind.

“It’s highly recommended if younger children can stay with friends or family or a sitter on moving day”. This will ensure not only that they don’t get bored or hold up the process but also their safety – because when removalists are carrying out a heavy piece of furniture, the last thing you want is the little ones getting in the way or in danger.

“As movers that pack for you and more, we ask what time the kids are due to arrive to their new home and we will make certain to have their rooms unpacked and ready for them. Their bed made, all their toys out and their clothes ordered neatly in the wardrobe. It’s the little details that show you care and give the room that warm welcoming feeling.”


movers that pack for you


2. On Moving Day:


  • Use a baby sitter if possible or ask for help from family and friends – especially if you have younger children, otherwise you’ll have to keep your eye on them during the move.
  • Pack a picnic – sandwiches and drinks for when you all need a break. If they are with you on the day prepare snack packs for the kids
  • If children are old enough let them help – they can take care of pets, in pet-carrier
  • Make the move fun – provide a fun-pack for each child to keep them amused and out of yours and the movers way. Packs can include – Books or Picture books, Colouring and activity books and crayons, Stickers and sticker pads and Small puzzles.
  • Keep tools needed to put beds back together handy. Always stick screws and bolts to bed frames in a zip lock bag.
  • Have beds & linen ready – Have the beds put together first thing so everyone has somewhere comfortable to sleep on the first night.
  • Get the kids rooms set up as a priority and make them as homely as possible.
  • Hiring a removalist WILL make things easier to move in one go. You can also ask removalists to put the furniture together when you arrive.
  • Move house while the children are at school or day care so that they’re not underfoot. It is important to make sure the kids are occupied and not in danger.
  • OR just let your professional organiser and packing services Sydney- Mooving Matters take over! Simple as that!

movers that pack for you


3. In the new house:


The last but most important stage of your home’s move management.

  • Prioritise your new home set up – bedrooms and kitchen are first inline and then get the bathroom ready for use. The fridge and BBQ or microwave (for easy meals) are essential items to have ready to go in the new house.
  • It’s not uncommon for children’s behaviour to change with the changes. Give it a little time.
  •  Save some left over packing boxes for play for the little, they will love it.
  • Keep the kids room as similar as possible to the old house and let them help set up and decorate their new rooms.
  • Use a nightlight at the new place until they adjust to the change.
  • Make sure you have bread and milk and any other essentials ready.
  • Let them unpack a special box when you get there.
  • Try to stay calm so that your kids are not picking up on your anxiety. Make it an exciting family adventure.
  • Ease the adjustment and try maintain some of your old routines, such as bedtime rituals especially for younger children.

Need a team of Movers and packers? To arrange a complementary on-site inspection of your property by the Mooving Matters the home organiser Sydney team or to simply discuss your Ultimate full service packing + moving’  experience call (02) 93375333 or visit us at

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